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Која инвестиција је најважнија у Граду Бијељина?


The main conclusion of the meeting of Municipality of Bijeljina representatives, the Swedish International Development Agency(SIDA) and “Vodovod i Kanalizacija” Bijeljina (Public Water Supply and Sewerage Company of Municipality of Bijeljina) was that process of the construction of sewage and water supply systems in Town and Municipality of Bijeljina has been carried out as planned.
At the meeting, the Mayor of Bijeljina Mićo Mićić stated that SIDA is the most important donor to this project and that, thanks to this donations, all five planned sewer collectors would be built within the next two to three years. The Mayor also reminded, that SIDA, as an agency which provides grants primarily for the environmental projects, has already supported the project of treating of solid waste in the Municipality of Bijeljina.
Pele Persson, the SIDA director in BiH and the Chancellor of Swedish Embassy in BiH, expressed his satisfaction by progress of implementation of  the project, as well. Dragomir Ljubojević, chairman of “Vodovod i Kanalizacija” pointed out that, within five years, at least 80% of Municipality of Bijeljina would have water distributed by water supply network. It is planned to connect three to five thousand new users to the network in the next three years and, thanks to greater consumption of water and more users, prices of water will remain low.
Vlado Simeunović, head of the Project Implementation Unit, stated that construction of the collector by the City Park, worth two millions euros, is in progress, as well as the expansion of the North water ring, for which 1.5 million euros was provided. Also, all necessary documentation is prepared for the main sewage collector 3, which will go through Majevička Street and neighboring streets, while documentation preparation for the collector from the sewer pump station is in progress.