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Која инвестиција је најважнија у Граду Бијељина?

Development Strategy of Municipality of Bijeljina

Dear citizens,


There are many questions in the era we live in but few reliable answers. Our present and future depends upon a lot of issues, but above all they depend upon our capacity and determination to commit ourselves to the largest possible extent to the development and prosperity of our community. Orientation toward future is particularly significant and has special implications.
We are facing rapid social and economical changes and it is crucially important to inevitably participate in that process. Results of these changes are uncertain. Uncertainty as such could be reduced by selecting appropriate development priorities, by functional planning process, by combining economically strengths and resources and by having an appropriate and proper attitude of a good host towards the goods available in our community.
Integration process taking place in Europe nowadays causes one of the deepest development changes recorded in contemporary history. Therefore, with economical and social circumstances being changed, it is essential to find its own place in the development process. This document offers certain ideas but also concrete projects so that development trends could be followed and all advantages of our community used successfully.
To facilitate implementation of all projects given here, it is necessary to undertake significant changes in all segments of social and economical life. The change of life and work style of us all could be the first step towards this aim. Bijeljina Municipality Development Strategy is an integral document whose implementation will show our capacity to adapt to novelties and ability to manage our own lives.
The Strategy has been based on the analysis of municipal development resources, current development plans and other documents, taking into account influence of our neighborhood and open European market above all. The Development Strategy has been developed through joint work and efforts of all citizens, political parties, representatives of social and economical sphere, nongovernmental organizations, interest groups and experts for certain fields.
I am fairly confident that, by relying on our citizens’ competences, their hard work and their other known characteristics as well as their commitment towards common goals, we will be able to implement Bijeljina Municipality Development Strategy and that we will do it for the benefit of us all.


                                                                                         M A Y O R
                                                                                         OF BIJELJINA
                                                                                         Mićo Mićić


Bijeljina Municipality Development Strategy is a guide to the development of this Municipality in the future. Objectives for achieving successful and sustainable development aiming at long-term economical efficiency, for improvement of environment protection, increased social justice and solidarity in society in general have been formulated.
Development Strategy as a flexible framework for future activities establishes links between vision, objectives, programs and projects in different development areas.
In that sense, the Strategy is a guiding principle of municipal development but also an integral cluster of concrete activity programs and projects.
The Strategy includes passing decisions at present but having in mind the future these decisions will have. Strategic planning does not mean formulation of future decisions to come. Decisions may be passed in present only.
Monitoring process will be done by Bijeljina Municipal Assembly once a year at least by evaluating the degree to which set goals have been implemented.


  Development Strategy of Mnicipality of Bijeljina (1.50 MB)