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Која инвестиција је најважнија у Граду Бијељина?

Industrial Zone 3

City of Bijeljina is located in the upper north-east of Republic of Srpska and Bosnia and Herzegovina in Semberija region. The name originates from the 16th century, the period when the tribe called “Vlasi” settled in.

The City cover the area of 734 km² (with its area, Bijeljina is the 10th local community in Republic of Srpska) and it is positioned at 90m of the average height above sea-level.
It is located in the lowlands which gently incline towards The Sava and Drina rivers. Regions of Western Srem, Mačva and Podrinje, Semberija region and City of Bijeljina compose a broad plain at the mouth of the Drina into Sava River.
The River Sava is the northern border towards Croatia and Serbia, and the River Drina, a powerful river in the east, is the border towards Serbia. Neigboring to the City of Bijejeljina are municipalities of Zvornik, Ugljevik and Lopare and Brcko District in the south and west.
The City of Bijeljina is also located near to the Belgrade-Zagreb highway and to the largest cities in Serbia - Belgrade and Novi Sad (the distance is approximately 120km). The distance from the capital of Republic of Srpska - Banjaluka is 220km (273km by highway Beograd-Zagreb) as same from capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina - Sarajevo.

There are two border crossings to Serbia located at the territory of City of Bijeljina: Pavlović Bridge crossing over the Drina River and Rača border crossing at the Sava

Thanks to the advantage of being geographically well-positioned, the City of Bijeljina possesses an extremely good development potential based on the following three characteristics:

  • The first characteristic relates to the increase in the importance of large rivers in the future. The territory of the City lying along the river Sava (31 km) and Drina (63 km) represents an extremely important development potential which has not been used until now. «Opening» toward these two rivers and their use for future development represents one of the crucial direction of Bijeljina strategic plan.
  • The second advantage based on the geographical location is related to the proximity of large urban centers:Belgrade and Novi Sad as well as with Sarajevo. Here we have almost ideal proximity which gives an integral opportunity to divide areas of work on the regional basis. This means that there is a favorable spatial oportunity for Bijeljina to emerge as an important member of this regional (urban) ring full of remarkable development potential.
  • The third opportunity relates to the fact that Bijeljina and Semberija lie at the crossroads towards East,
  • West and South and represent a border with Serbia and Croatia.

Thanks to the rapid population increase, Bijeljina has already achieved an urban concentration level which is a potential for its development into a strong regional center.

With regard to establishing favorable environment for the inflow of direct foreign investments, Bijeljina Local Government established Department for preparation of developing projects and foreign investments. The main tasks of the above named Department are:

  • promotion of economy potential of City of Bijeljina
  • acceleration of all administrative procedures related to entering of foreign investors, especially in case of greenfield investments
  • Project preparation for applying to the EU funds as well to the other donors.

The employess of this Department are certified trainers for EU matters. A one year training that employees passed was organised by German Non-governmental organisation INWENT and financed by Government of Germany.

City of Bijeljina established the Industrial zones and proactivelly work on its investment promotion through media campaigns, WEB presentation, meeting with the interested investors etc.
City of Bijeljina expects to achieve the following results:

  • investments of foreign investors in the City of Bijeljina
  • financial effects
  • increase of production volume
  • increase of number of employed workers.

City of Bijeljina, within the scope of the industrial zone, posses available sites designated for building of commercial production facilities. The City invites all interested investors to express their needs regarding size and location of plots they are interested in.
Bijeljina City Assembly by the Decision on Townships sites has stimulated building within the scope of industrial zone and has provided efficiency and support in getting building permissions.

For all necessary information, interested parties may contact:

  • Department for Economy and Agriculture in Administration Service of the City of Bijeljina 
    Phone no: + 387 (0)55 233 114

  • JP "City of Bijeljina Directorate for Development"
    Phone no: + 387 (0)55 208 085

  • For communication in English language:
    Section for Local Economic Development and European Integration in Administration Service of the City of Bijeljina  
    Phone no.: + 387 (0)55 233 169


The Industrial Zone 3 

The Industrial Zone 3 is located in the northwest part of urban area of Bijeljina and covers the area of 22 hectares of unfledged sites, south from main road Bijeljina - Brčko which leans to south border of the Agro-Business Center.
From the west side is directly connected to way circuit around Bijeljina urban area and about 300m from the roundabout in direction of Brčko and Banja Luka. Town Plan designated sites for construction of commercial production facilities, with dimensions of 2500m² up to 5000m². Within the scope of plots there have been planned constructions of buildings or complexes according to the need of the future investors. In this way, we don’t restrict overall dimensions and building floors but just define regulation and construction border lines, as well as basic town planning parameters.
In accordance with the Program equipping sites for 2009 as well as with the existing infrastructure in surroundings, it is provided using of the basic infrastructure (transport routes, water supply, electric network, sewage system etc) and solving specific requirements of investors.


With the programme equipping sites for 2009 as well as with the existing infrastructure in surraoundings, it is provided using of the basic infrastructure (transport routes, water supply, electric network, sewage system etc) and solving specific requirements of investors.

Bijeljina Map

Due to Town Plan flexibility regarding dimension of constructing plots within the scope of blocks designated for the different purposes, it is necessary that potential investors express their needs with reference to  purpose and dimension of the site and also to express their need for specific infrastructure.


Application form (.doc)

Comparative review:
of financial liabilities, payments, taxes and fees for urban clearances, building permits, and  inspection certificates with reference to type of object and location:


Object 2.500m² net building area
Pre-calculated value BAM 1.250.000
Building site
5.000m² fifth-class field
А) Facility for purchasing, processing and marketing of agricultural products
The Industrial Zone 3 BAM 45.000 or 18 BAM/m²
Fifth residential-business zone BAM 111.500 or 44,60 BAM/m²
By the main road Bijeljina-Pavlović Bridge
BAM 120.500 or 48,20 BAM/m²
B) Prouduction facility
The Industrial Zone 3 BAM 67.500 or 27 BAM/m²
Fifth residential business area BAM 114.100 or 45,64 BAM/m²
By the main road Bijeljina-Pavlović Bridge
BAM 123.100 or 49,24 BAM/m²
C) Office Building
The Industrial Zone 3 BAM 216.950 or 86,78 BAM/m²
Fifth residential business area BAM 216.950 or 86,78 BAM/m²
By the main road Bijeljina-Pavlović bridge BAM 246.950 or 98,78 BAM/m²

REMARK:This is the calculations framework and it is done under conditions that all infractructure from the regulation plan „The Industrial Zone 3” has been provided, without including costs for agreements and fees for connections (water supply connection, electro network connection, PTT approval, fire approval, envirenomental approval etc).