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Која инвестиција је најважнија у Граду Бијељина?

Subdepartment of Local Communities Affairs


Karadjordjeva 4
76 300 Bijeljina
Republic of Srpska
Bosnia and Hercegovina

Head of the Subdepartment
Predrag Novakovic, Engineer of Agriculture

Phone: +387 55 23 31 95

Subdepartment of Local Community Affairs is responsible for the following professional and administrative jobs:

  • Responsibilities concerning the work and obligations of Local Communities in the Bijeljina Municipality
  • Jobs concerning establishment of wide cooperation with authorities, organizations and associations in the local communities areas, for the reason of addressing issues of common interest, and particularly solving problems concerning communal infrastructure: road network, water supply networks, public lightning, construction and maintenance of objects of social purpose (cultural centers, ambulances, post offices etc.)
  • Other responsibilities put in scope of work.

Jobs of professional and administrative-technical support in work of Local Communities, within the scope of authority of the Department, are executed in the following local community offices:

  • Local Community Office Trnjaci for the area of local communities: Dvorovi, Trnjaci, Kriva Bara, Medjasi, Dazdarevo, Brodac, Velino Selo and Balatun
  • Local Community Office Velika Obarska for the area of local communities: Velika Obarska, Crnjelovo Donje, Crnjelovo Gornje, Batkovic, Ostojicevo and Gradac
  • Local Community Office Glavicice, for the area of local community offices Glavicice, Ruhotina, Johovac, Batar, Banjica, Bjelosevac and Cengic
  • Local Community Office Janja for the area of local community offices Janja, Obrijez, Modran, Gornji Kojcinovac, Cardacine, and Ljeskovac
  • Local Community Office Donji Dragaljevac for the area of local communities: Donji Dragaljevac, Donja Cadjavica, Donji Magnojevic, Srednji Magnojevic, Vrsani, Novi, Donja Bukovica and Piperci
  • Local Community Office Gornji Dragaljevac, for the area of local communities Gornji Dragaljevac, Gornja Cadjavica, Gornji Magnojevic, Gornja Bukovica, Srednja Cadjavica, and Srednji Dragaljevac
  • Local Community Office Suvo Polje, for the area of local communities: Suvo Polje, Donji Zagoni and Kovacici
  • Professional and administrative-technical jobs for the needs of other local communities are provided in the central office of the Administrative Service.