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Која инвестиција је најважнија у Граду Бијељина?

Section of Maintenance, Management and Protection of Objects and Equipment


Trga kralja
Petra I Karadjordjevica 1
76 300 Bijeljina
Republic of Srpska
Bosnia and Hercegovina


Head of the Section
Bozic Obren, hotelier

Phone: + 387 55 23 32 78

Subsection of Maintenance, Management and Protection of Objects and Equipment has the following responsibilities:

  • Coordination of activities with other Departments in the municipal Administrative Service
  • Preparation and processing of the material for the needs of the Mayor and the Municipal Assembly
  • Jobs of switchboard, common jobs concerning investments and regular maintenance of objects, equipment and appliances in the administrative service and local community offices
  • Physical and technical protection of the objects
  • Fire protection and workplace safety
  • Evidence of working hours of the employees
  • Control of entrance and exit of material, equipment and other property
  • Control of House Rules in the premises of the Administrative Service
  • Maintenance of hygiene in the offices
  • Preparation and serving of food and hot and cold beverages in the restaurant for the employees, as well as other users
  • Planning and organization of jobs concerning usage, maintenance, and registration of motor cars owned by Administrative Service, as well as maintenance of garages and parking space
  • Development of normative and control of fuel and lubricant expenditures, as well as planning of motor cars purchase, spare parts, fuel, lubricants, and other necessities for the maintenance of the rolling stock
  • Transportation of people and goods for the needs of Administrative Service
  • Issue of Use Permits for official cars to the employees of Administrative Service and other users
  • Keeping records on issued travel orders in the Administrative Service
  • Keeping evidence about presence of employees in the working place
  • Development of agenda and reports on efficiency of the Department, development of analysis and reports within the scope of work of Department
  • Execution of other jobs by order of the Mayor and Head of the Department.