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Која инвестиција је најважнија у Граду Бијељина?

Department of Social Affairs


Trg kralja
Petra I Karadjordjevica 1
76 300 Bijeljina
Republic of Srpska
Bosnia and Hercegovina


Head of the Department
Economics graduate Slavko Bašić

Phone: + 387 55 23 31 17

Slavko Basic is born in 1956 in Bijeljina.
He graduated at Faculty of Economics,
University in Belgrade, in 1983. In 2004, he started postgraduate studies at Faculty of Business in Services, Novi Sad.
From 1983-1992, he worked in “Zenit” company as Manager of planning, analysis and commerce section. From 1992-1994, he worked in “Banja Dvorovi” on position of assistant manager. From 1994-2001, Mr Basic worked on a position of manager  of “Razvitak” company. In the period 2001- 2008, he was employed in Fund for Pension and Disability Insurance of Republic of Srpska on the following positions: Branch Office Manager, Fund Manager, Branch Office Assistant Manager and Investments Manager.


Department of Social Affairs is responsible for professional and administrative jobs within the municipal authority, concerning:

  • Preschool and school education
  • Social and Health protection
  • Science, Culture, Sports and Physical culture
  • Youth organization
  • Public Information
  • Humanitarian activities
  • NGO's
  • Religious Affairs
  • Refugees, displaced persons and returnees affairs
  • Legal assistance service for citizens
  • Other responsibilities put within scope of work by special documents.