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Која инвестиција је најважнија у Граду Бијељина?

Environmental Protection Service


Trg kralja
Petra I Karadjordjevica 1
76 300 Bijeljina
Republic of Srpska
Bosnia and Hercegovina

Environmental Protection Section has the following responsibilities:

  • Monitoring and gathering of information concerning environmental conditions.
  • Improvement of knowledge about environment, by means of educational institutions and through cooperation with environmental protection organizations and NGO`s
  • Gathering information about work of smaller plants that endanger or could endanger local environment
  • Giving written information about environment
  • Issue of environmental permits
  • Issue of environmental permits for the activities which directly affect local environment
  • Development of Environmental Protection Plans which are in accord with Strategy of Environmental Protection, as well as participation in Strategy of Environmental Protection implementation
  • Making records about protected areas and giving recommendation to the competent Ministry for defining protected areas
  • Publishing information about condition of the air
  • Taking measures for improvement of the air quality as needed
  • Taking measures for noise protection and systematical measuring of noise
  • Preservation of regional natural capacities and making decisions about protection of certain natural areas
  • Proposal of environmental protection programs and maintenance of public green surfaces
  • Control of Ambrosia
  • Other responsibilities by order of the Mayor and Head of the Department.