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Која инвестиција је најважнија у Граду Бијељина?

Subdepartment of Traffic and Utility Infrastructure


Trg kralja
Petra I Karadjordjevica 1
76 300 Bijeljina
Republic of Srpska
Bosnia and Hercegovina

Head of the Subdepartment
Graduate Traffic Engineer Tomica Stojanovic

Phone: + 387 55 23 31 76


 Subsection of Traffic and Utility infrastructure has the following responsibilities:

  • Giving relevant information to users and giving instructions about realization of their rights concerning the subsection`s responsibilities
  • Delivering decisions and conclusions to the applicants
  • Receiving complaints, completing the documentation and delivering the files to the higher levels of authority
  • Issuance of permits for special transportation arrangements
  • Issuance of permits to the citizens for the private needs transportation
  • Issuance of certificates on cease of transportation
  • Decision making on a requirements for performing public transport of passengers- license B
  • Issuance of approval for connection of access road to local road, uncategorized road and street in settlement
  • Issuance of approval for sign posts along local and uncategorized roads
  • Issue of approval for installations concerning roads, local and uncategorized roads and road reserve
  • Issuance of approval for building objects on the road reserve of local and uncategorized roads
  • Monitoring the application of regulations concerning local and uncategorized roads and streets in settlements
  • Monitoring and supervision of construction, reconstruction and maintenance of roads and objects on the roads
  • Monitoring reconstruction of the roads which endanger traffic safety and stability of objects
  • Development of annual and medium-term programs of construction, modernization and maintenance of roads and objects on roads
  • Proposals of pre-categorization of the roads in accordance with the Law
  • Implementation of activities concerning maintenance of local roads
  • Giving professional support for local communities in construction, modernization and maintenance of uncategorized roads and objects on the roads
  • Development of reports and gathering information concerning the area of local and uncategorized roads and streets in settlements
  • Proposal of financial plan for maintenance, reconstruction and construction of road network in the municipal area
  • Making records on technical data and condition of city roads, local, and uncategorized roads
  • Planning, organizing and monitoring activities of winter service
  • Proposals for the traffic-related and development activities and monitoring of their implementation
  • Participation in design of standard solutions, elements of traffic infrastructure
  • Monitoring and planning of activities for improvement of the traffic regime
  • Improvement of traffic conditions, regime and safety according to existing informational base about traffic and transportation
  • Monitoring activities concerning technical solutions of traffic regulation
  • Control and implementation of monthly and annual plans for public lightning maintenance
  • Control of public lightning monthly expenditures
  • Monitoring work of companies responsible for maintenance of public lightning and traffic lights
  • Monitoring functioning of public lightning and traffic lights
  • Participation in development of municipal decisions and other acts in relation to Law on Road Network and Law on Transportation and Road Traffic and monitoring of its application
  • Other responsibilities by order of the Mayor and Head of the Department.