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Која инвестиција је најважнија у Граду Бијељина?

Budget Subdepartment


Trg Kralja
Petra I Karadjordjevica 1
76 300 Bijeljina
Republic of Srpska
Bosnia and Hercegovina



Head of the Subdepartment
Economics Graduate Nada Spasojevic Markovic

Phone: +387 55 20 20 23

Budget Subdepartment has the following responsibilities:

  • Conducting the Budgeting procedure in accordance with the Budget Calendar
  • Giving instructions and guidelines for budget users for creating budget requests
  • Preparing and making the draft of the budget balance for the next fiscal year, including drafts of budget decision and the decision of implementation of the budget
  • Organizing public discussions and considering comments and propositions of budget users
  • Analysis and monitoring of the budget implementation of holders and users of the funds; making initiative for the budget revision and drafting budget revision for the next fiscal year, including all the necessary documents
  • Giving recommendation to the budget users for developing proposals of quarterly and monthly financial plans
  • Cooperation with the Subdepartment of Finance and Accounting, as well as Treasury and Report Services, aimed at obtaining data and information necessary for the budgeting process
  • Developing monthly and quarterly plans of budget users
  • Giving approval for the decision about relocation of planned assets between budget users/consumer units
  • Creating all the reports about obtained revenues, harmonizing records about public revenues with banks and competent tax authorities, solving reclamations of banks and taxpayers in connection to billing municipal revenues
  • Permanent analysis of collection of public revenues in cooperation with other organizational units of the Administrative Service, and proposing solutions for the collection of the revenues
  • Informing the Head of the Department about demands of budget users
  • Creating reports for the Municipal Assembly, Mayor, Head of the Department, Ministry of Finance, Tax Administration and other users of information as needed
  • Cooperation with other departments and subdepartments in Administrative service and exchange of data from scope of the work of the Department
  • Records on municipal credit debts
  • Obtaining necessary compliance for debit and creating reports on debits for competent authorities and institutions
  • Collection and systematization of data about contracts and credit realization, guarantees, as well as submitting reports for the Ministry of Finance about credit down payment
  • Planning of assets for repayment of debt by credit debt
  • Ordering procurement in the scope of work of the Department
  • Developing new and correction of the existing control procedures and proceedings in the Subdepartment
  • Improvement of the quality management system ISO 9001-2000, in the scope of work of the Subdepartment
  • Developing procedures from the scope of work of the Subsection and supervision of their implementation
  • Implementation of the safety measures and fire protection, as well as measures concerning use and preservation of the property of the Subdepartment
  • Other responsibilities by order of the Mayor or Head of the Department.