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Која инвестиција је најважнија у Граду Бијељина?

Local Community Offices

Local community offices have been formed in order to operate in the scope of work of administrative services and entrusted tasks of the civil service and for the reason of creating conditions for more efficient operating of these jobs, in the framework of the Administration Department.

Local community offices are responsible for administrative jobs concerning:

  • Admission of submissions
  • Verification of signatures, handwritings and transcripts
  • Issuing of certificates from public records
  • Issuing of certificates concerning the facts not noted in the public records when it is authorized
  • Taking statements from citizens on request of competent authority
  • Receiving, registering and forwarding of mail
  • Administrative support for local community offices
  • Other jobs appointed with special documents issued by the Mayor’s office.

Within Administration Department there are following local offices:

1. Local office Janja

Ulica Karadjordjeva (Dom kulture)
76 316 Janja
Phone: + 387 55 544 101

(for area of Janja, Obrijež, Kojčinovac, Ljeskovac, Čardačine and Glogovac)

2. Local office Crnjelovo

Crnjelovo Gornje
Phone: +387 55 301 962

(for area of Crnjelovo Gornje and Crnjelovo Donje)

3. Local office Batković

Phone: +387 55 389 365

(for area of Batković and Mala Obarska)

4. Local office Brodac

Brodac Gornji
Phone: +387 55 321 102

(for area of Brodac Gornji, Brodac Donji, Velino Selo and Ostojićevo)

5. Local office Dragaljevac Donji

Dragaljevac Donji
Phone: +387 55 370 010

(for area of Dragaljevac Donji, Dragaljevac Srednji, Čađavica Donja, Gradac, Stupanj, Novi and Vršani)

6. Local office Suvo Polje

Suvo Polje
Phone: +387 55 325 006

(for area of Suvo Polje, Zagoni and Kovačići)

7. Local office Bukovica

Bukovica Donja
Phone: +387 65 539 017

(for area of Bukovica Donja, Piperci and Glavičorak)

8. Local office Glavičice

Phone: +387 55 551 090

(for area of Glavičice, Batar, Johovac, Ruhotina, Bjeloševac, Banjica and Kacevac)

9. Local office Velika Obarska

Velika Obarska
Phone: +387 55 383 510

(for area of Velika Obarska)

10. Local office Dvorovi

Phone: +387 55 350 705

(for area of Dvorovi, Dazdarevo, Triješnica, Kriva Bara and Dijelovi)

11. Local office Trnjaci

Phone: +387 55 330 307

(for area of  Trnjaci, Međaši i Balatun and Rača)

12. Local office Magnojević

Magnojević Srednji
Phone: +387 55 387 255

(for area of Magnojević Donji, Magnojević Srednji, Magnojević Gornji and Bukovica Gornja)

14. Local office Modran

Phone: +387 55 555 263

(for area of Modran and Čengić)

14. Local office Dragaljevac Gornji

Dragaljevac Gornji
Phone: +387 55 373 440

(for area of Dragaljevac Gornji, Čađavica Srednja and Čađavica Gornja)

NOTE: Administration Service in Bijeljina is responsible for jobs in scope of work of local offices for area of Popovi, Amajlije, Pučile, Patkovača, Golo Brdo, Hase, Brijesnica and Ljeljenča.

Ulica Karadjordjeva 4
76 300 Bijeljina
Republic of Srpska
Bosnia and Hercegovina
Phone: +387 55 233 121  +387 55 233 101