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Која инвестиција је најважнија у Граду Бијељина?



Dear visitors,

Welcome to the official webpage of the Municipality of Bijeljina intended to serve the inhabitants of Semberija and everybody else that wishes to get to know Bijeljina and its citizens.

This webpage is designed to inform citizens about the work of the local government and current activities that local government performs. Besides that, we intend to offer plenty of interesting interactive contents to the citizens of Bijeljina municipality, tourists, entrepreneurs and all other visitors, about significant events in the Municipality as well as to get to know Bijeljina attractions and its hardworking people. I would like to emphasize that it is impossible to maintain desired quality of the presentation without your help. Every proposal, suggestion, criticism or objection will be welcome and appreciated in our efforts to improve content and form of the webpage.  
Bijeljina is second largest municipality and one of the holders of development in
Republic of Srpska. Our municipality has become a dynamic and more attractive for living, business and tourist visits, and our constant goal is to provide better and more enjoyable life for our residents as well as to make municipality of Bijeljina more beautiful, richer and more open in spiritual and material terms.
It is accomplished by developing cooperation with the towns and municipalities in
Republic of Srpska and closer and further neighborhood, attracting investors and visitors, continuous improvement of education, improving of infrastructure, health care and many other activities. It is particularly important to mention our commitment to tolerance among people of different nations, religions and political beliefs that live in our municipality. Our commitment is symbolized by the white pigeons in the municipal coat of arms. Getting to know the wealth of other traditions, beliefs and ideas, we increase the wealth of our tradition and providing ideas to intertwine and complement each other.
We need your support to achieve this progress, because there is no problem that cannot be solved and the goal that cannot be realized if we all together make a full contribution. So, I invite you to take part in our efforts and feel the satisfaction of mutual success.


                                                           M  A  Y  O  R

                                                             Mićo Mićić